While working as an Art Director at Cole & Weber I did a lot of Rainier Beer work. Here are my favorites that I concepted and produced along with graphic design help from Nate Johnson.

I was asked to create a unique press kit presenting the Rainier campaign to the media. The pitch was won off my pencil sketches with the idea of using elements that might come from your local pub, like faux wood panelling and tacky wallpaper. In the pitch meeting the Creative Director ask if I could make it, I replied yes, which sent me to the art room for the next couple weeks assembling kit after kit after kit ;)

The campaign went extremely well and after lots of publicity and industry awards I was asked to create a piece that showcased what Cole & Weber did for Rainier. Having enjoyed the press kit so much I presented a pop-up book that would go over each element of the campaign. I had a blast creating this, tooling, designing, and photographing the entire book myself.

Faux wood cover with stencil "R"

Tacky wallpaper w/ leather binding


*left graphic by Nate Johnson

*left graphic by Nate Johnson











Misc campaign pieces