Topografica was an art show hosted by Wonderful Union in their Ballard office/gallery. My contribution was to create a floating island sculpture. It would also be a stage for Huck Gee's custom vinyl toys.

Started in Illustrator, I designed the island and creating a spec for the cutting, painting, and assembly. Kevin Richards, comedian and sign-maker, took my vector files and cut the pieces for the island using a large router table. I then took the pieces and used filler to smooth the edges and then coated the top of each visible layer with epoxy resin so that it would have a smooth toy like surface. Andrea Simons, my fiance, sprayed the color. Next I spent hours measuring, drilling, gluing and screwing the island together. To visually float the island it hangs from four tiny metal wires that are anchored inside.

wood stacked

wood stacked

codes for color and assembly

filling rough edges

montana graffiti spraypaint

tap, countersink, screw

base assembled

spec for tree placement

tree assembly

final product