Hosted by Wonderful Union in their Ballard office/gallery, Topografica was an art show exploring layerscapes and lifeforms.

Craig Erickson of SectionSeven created a set of 7 limited edition posters for the walls. Each poster portrayed a character, a fuel, and a landmass.

Jesse Graupmann (dev) and Jon Garn (animation) created an interactive media piece using a camera and big screen. Standing in front of the screen summoned one of Craig's characters and fallowed your movement side to side. Each character was given unique animations that were controlled by the viewers movement.

I designed a custom SectionSeven logo for the event that we used for limited edition TShirts and other various uses. I created the hanging island and a little spot of hell below. I also did the lions share of the preperation, setup, and tear down.

The infamous Huck Gee came up from San Francisco bringing a set of his custom vinyl toys each with unique kanji on their heads. Huck brought a set of 8" glow in the dark customs while a 5" set where displayed on my island.

The show had a great turn out and made for a great party. Huge thanks to Demetre and Greg for inviting and helping us put this together.